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Photo Gallery


Owned by Tim Rowe of New York

We were on a pheasant hunt in upstate New York and had a big rooster fly off into the woods (after we missed). Taylor visually followed the rooster, glanced over to me and I gave her the nod to go find him. 


A short time later we heard her bell stop and found her on a hard point. One shot and the rooster was in my game bag. 


Nothing like having a great hunter and an even better family dog. Thanks!


Bishop and Rookie

Owned by Ben Requet of Mississippi

The first picture shows our group approaching the Bishop and Rookie (both brothers) on point. It was certainly a successful hunt.
The second picture is of Bishop on point with a beautiful background.



Halley, Gabby and Gracie

Owned by Jamie Dean of Iowa

All wild birds hunting season 2012-2013.





Owned by Matt Bruner of Iowa



Not only a pointing dog, but a great retriever!  Dove opener 2012.

Gable's first limit w/ his best lab friend, Max

Gable's first successful point & retrieve-- 8 months old


Dave Schneider of Georgia and Fletcher


Dave and Chris Schneider of Georgia


Ed, Jim, and Frank Mayor, of Ohio, California, and Texas in Iowa for a family hunt


John and Jay Beadle of Illinois


Mike and Mike, Iowa limit


Mike from Alaska, getting ready to shoot a rooster over Cooper and Fletcher


Mike from Iowa looking to bag a rooster over Cooper and Fletcher











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